A Burnout Solution for the Medical Community



The Healthcare Professional Burnout Start-up 

We are a group of passionate healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs determined to address burnout in the medical community. This is the first step towards an effective integrated solution. Our diverse team is comprised of experienced, senior level healthcare professionals and scientists in medicine and mental health, highly specialized in their respective fields with business acumen, well aware of the frontline issues of burnout.

What We Offer

Our first step in this journey is to provide you with a safe, accessible and interactive forum to share your thoughts and shape the discussion around mental health in the medical community under these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The more information you provide us about these issues via our survey and/or the discussion forum, the more we can hone in on our burnout solutions so that they are effective for you.


Secondly, we will soon launch our Burnie app. This will be a comprehensive integrated app solution that uses smart algorithms and functions to help medical residents understand their mental health and provides the support needed to assess, monitor and address pre-burnout and burnout stages. This will be a targeted solution for the medical community. Help us with your feedback to shape it to your needs.

"The healthcare system is causing rampant burnout amongst frontline healthcare workers.

The clock is ticking. 

We are eager to be the cornerstone of an effective solution." 

The Founders of Burnie Inc.